Home again, North Fambridge, England – 2493 nm (4487km) since leaving Bulgaria on the 7th March.

807 nm through France to the UK or 1453 km

Current log: 4186.9 nm

Sunday, 21st May 2017


Relying on angels

France, south to north, Marseille to Calais – 1267 km, 206 locks and around 10 km’s of tunnels.

From Marseille on the treacherous River Rhone to Arles, Avignon, Le Pouzin, Valence and Lyon; Along the River Saone to the Champagne canal systems via Jorquenay, Reims and eventually Calais.

“Don’t do the canals,” I said to the boat parked behind in the picture above, rather choose the Bay of Biscay.
“Id consider doing it in a tug, not a sail boat with a mast,” the captain replied.

Words I may borrow for some time.

Log: 4082 nm

Thursday, 18th May 2017