Oil Change

A British summer

A week aboard and a run of summer storms and generally foul weather got a few jobs done on Mai Rival

  • oil change
  • lockers painted (the first coat of International paint’s white dandelion on the port saloon lockers  And starboard galley locker)
  • New oven partially fitted
  • gangway stairs repaired
  • Shelves fitted (saloon & galley lockers)

Current log: 4230 nm

Engine hours: 606 (480 since leaving the Black Sea)

Interiorise all teaked and oiled

Shore power has also been fitted which includes a super dupa charger from France called Christec Ypower. It auto manages up to three battery banks, although we only have two.

The stern cabin has been rebuilt but this lens isn’t wide and fast enough to show it off

7 June 2016